Bread Flour

We return to New Zealand in a few days and so my mind is turning back to all homesteading things once more. One of the things that on my mind a lot at the moment is bread or specifically bread flour and is there a difference between “bread flour” and “all-purpose/plain” flour? The answer is, according to my research, is yes.

Bread flour has certain additives to improve the volume and texture of the bread, in the case of bread flour those additives come in the form of  added protein, malted barley (to help the yeast) and vitamin C or potassium bromate to help form gluten (source). I’m not sure I want to be adding a possible carcinogenic to my food (which is what potassium bromate can be if too much is added and thus not used up in the cooking process).

Apparently, if you just add about a teaspoon of wheat gluten (or seitan – same thing) to your recipe it essentially has the same effect.

My other task is to track down on NZ source of compressed or bakers yeast.


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  1. I’ve come to the same conclusion regarding bread flour. I used to get it for my bread machine, but when WalMart was out I bought the unbleached all purpose instead. The bread turned out great! Actually, I only use gluten if I make a bread with a lot of whole wheat flour. My family doesn’t like 100% ww though, so I usually add about a cup of unbleached white, which seems to have enough gluten to get the texture we like.

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