Not a lot

While we are here visiting in Oz I’m afraid I don’t have much to report. I thought there would be days and days filled with hours of nothing to do – being here for 6 weeks and all, but a week and half in to the visit and we haven’t stopped, our social calendar is filling up fast, I guess we were missed 😉

I have been playing around with Sculpy, a type of bakeable  modeling clay. This has been fun and I’ve made a few little things, however it’s time consuming, using a lot of materials (manufactured materials) and isn’t something I will do again once I leave Oz, but it has been fun to play with. Being so far away from all my things is hard and I’m loosing focus a little of the homesteading side of things and just plain playing, which has its own rewards I guess.

We did stay up till rather late last night talking and planning the future homestead, which was fun but not something that should really be attempted when you are tired before you even start – I can get kinda snappy 😉 Currently our favorite book to drool over late at night is John Seymour’s “The NEW complete book of Self-sufficiency”. It’s one of those books that contains enough information on everything to wet your appetite, it starts you dreaming and planning and is a great all rounder kinda of book.

John Seymour - The NEW complete book of self-sufficiency

News from Earthsong is that my corn is shooting up, Buffie was up at 6am planting in our seedlings and the broad beans I’ve been growing, for the seed, require a little protection, not from pests but from the building of the community washing lines (which have taken 5 years to be approved and started – ahh community with consensus, gota love it). So Barbara is in charge of watching out for these plants and hopefully they will be allowed to live until the seed is ready to be collected.


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