Books *sigh*

Terribly materialistic of me I know, but, one of the things I do love about Auckland city proper is that the cinema is attached to Borders bookshop, and Borders stays open until midnight, this gets expensive 🙂

Last night we went into the city to watch Elizabeth: The golden age (which is a very good movie by the way), we had a nice dinner at a tiny Italian restaurant, watched our movie then strolled happily around the shelves at Borders. I am now the very happy owner of two new seasonal cookbooks. The first is Seasonal Fare: for family and friends by Susan Johnston who is from Daylesford, Victoria, Australia (one of my all time favorite places to visit). The second is Kitchen Essentials: Seasonal Food by Susannah Blake. I’m very excited to have these added to my kitchen and bookshelf and am really looking forward to cooking with them as my companions. My brain is already ticking over what I can grow and add to these books that is perhaps uniquely New Zealand fare, such as our fish and scallops.

Seasonal Fare - Susan Johnston  Seasonal Food


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