I made butter

I had several litres  of cream in the fridge and decided to have a go at making butter. I used a blender to start with and found it wasn’t working as well as I liked so I switched to the hand held mixer which worked just fine (the motor got a little warm after the second batch).

I used 2 cups of cream to 2 cups of iced water and I also added a little salt.

Step 1: Mix cream until thickened

Step 1

Step 2: Add the iced water (I had the bowl sitting on top of a frozen block)

Step 2

You can see it starting to thicken here


Step 3: Pour into cheese cloth or a colander (that is sitting inside another bowl) and drain out the liquid. Squish and squeeze to get out all the liquid.

Remove liquid

Remove liquid

End result: Butter 🙂



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