Felting – Slippers

Craig would like me to use the felt I have made to make him a pair of slippers.

Step 1 – Trace his foot and come up with a pattern.
I traced around Craig’s foot and then altered the shape to a more slipper like one, I’ve decided to have a clear left and right foot pattern but you could evenly round off the top. I also added seam allowance.


Step 2 – Cutting out
The smaller piece of felt (the first one I made) is a little thicker and stronger then the others so I have decided to use it as the sole of the slippers. I’m thinking that I might also add a leather sole.

Cutting out

Step 3 – Duplicate in reverse
Obviously I then flipped the pattern and cut out a second sole (the picture shows the two cut out soles and the original tracing of Craig’s hoof).

2 feet

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