Last Day – Otamatea & My 30th Birthday

We have had to leave Sabine and Wolf’s today as the internet wasn’t able to be fixed and his work has gotten a little crazy 😦

I don’t think I could have started the first day of my 30th birthday better though. Purple pancakes for breakfast! Well they were made with purple wheat (which I never new existed before this week). When I think pancakes, I think refined white flour, sometimes buckwheat flour, lemon and white or brown sugar, certainly not purple wheat pancakes with apple preserves, honey and home made yogurt! YUM! We are hoping to go back to stay at Wolfgang and Sabine’s for a whole month in June next year while they are away which would be a great experience for us and hopefully a huge help for them. Fingers crossed this happens*

We arrived home to find my birthday present from Craig’s mum awaiting us, which included the cutest little crochet bag, some new very nice jewelery and a very very cool book on weaving. I’m simply dieing to start reading this book but have a million and one things to catchup on and arrange today and probably no time until after my party on Saturday either, grrr! I need to weave damnit! I’ve decided that I really really want an Ashford knitters loom so I can cart weaving projects around with me when ever I want.

We went out for a yummy lunch this afternoon and will be going out to dinner tonight (hmmm Thai food) and that is all for now. Actually, one thing I forgot to mention was that Sabine told me that this was a good time for us to come and visit as there wasn’t a great deal to day at the moment, I shall be very interested to see what the busy time is like around there!

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