Day 6 – Otamatea

We are all alone today. Wolf and Sabine have gone off to the big smoke for the day and left us in charge *evil laugh* Ok so our list of duties is limited to feeding the chooks and the dogs twice a day, collecting the eggs, locking up Darling (the calf) this evening, cooking dinner, weeding the willow circle again and digging up Dock.
The wind here is really strong, the wind shield trees are still growing but at the moment it’s pretty constant and string which is taking its wear and tear on my poor lips. They are so chapped, cracked and sore that it’s not a fun thing to even smile at the moment. I can’t believe I left my lip balms at home, I’m resorting to coconut oil to help but I have to keep reapplying it every to minutes or so.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I turn 30. Not sure how I’m really feeling about that yet.


The chickens got fed, as did the dogs

, bean wigwams got made,

Darling got looked after, more weeds got pulled out around the Willow circle

(in this shot you can see a cleared section next to an uncleared section, we were pulling out grass taller then me!)

, there was quite a bit of me dancing around the garden singing to myself and playing air guitar (which apparently was very amusing to watch), but most importantly I planned and cooked a delicious dinner by first walking around the vegetable garden and harvesting what was available, some kale that we had missed, broad beans, celery, fennel added some sunflower seeds, pumpkin & potato from the pantry and brown rice and garlic and had a delicious stir fry. I was pretty pleased with myself. After dinner Sabine pulled out a magical polenta, wheat and citrus fruit cake that she had whipped up who knows when, and Wolf brought out some home made liqueurs (I’d already shared a bottle of red with Sabine while the boys polished off some homebrew beer), talk about a decadent lifestyle 😉

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