Day 4 – Otamatea

We had another slow start to our day today (it’s a long weekend) but a no less productive one. We installed the recycled windows to the potting shed – doesn’t sound like much but with three of us working it took us an entire day to finish the job. It’s not a work of carpentry genius but will be a serviceable potting shed when completed.

(Wolf hard at work)
(Jessie helping with some actual work)

(two windows in)

I also made a batch of english muffins which went down wonderfully as a late lunch with home made cheeses and preserves.
Dinner tonight was at the neighbours strawbale house which was interesting to us as this is our preferred building method. Unfortunately we didn’t get to spend anytime actually talking about their building experience, costs, holdups, never do agains and successes but we do have an invite to come visit again which we will certainly take up at some point. Dinner itself was so good. Roast beef (from one of their cows), roast veggies, asparagus in tamari, beetroot sald with fetta and beans, and one of Sabine’s yummy tossed salads. I’m afraid I wasn’t too fussed on the prune and millet dessert.

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