Day 3 – Otamatea

My evening ended with Wolf and I going to visit the house cow Molly, one of the most beautiful cows I have ever seen, and her adopted calf. We locked the calf (actually she’s a yearling really) away for the night so that Molly would have milk for us in the morning then made our way down to one of the neighbours houses for dinner. It was a nice evening, with several bottles of rather nice wine, a dinner of seafood soup which was delicious and finished off with a slice of the roast veggie fritata I made and a salad. About 10pm Craig and I walked home with one of the dogs for company.


(Darling, Molly & Wolfgang)
I was up with the sun again this morning and around 7am Wolf and I went back to milk Molly, who I actually got a chance to milk. I’ve discovered I’m much better with the scrapping method then the squeeze method and can get a fairly get rhythm happening, although I still need a great deal more practice. There is a lot of hand stamina required to milk a cow fully, but it’s a worth while experience. Molly has a very good nature and is easy to deal with, after watching her for a little while with the calf we are starting to wonder if perhaps she is starting to ween it. This means that they will need to milk her every day now to ensure she doesn’t dry up.
After our visit with Molly and Darling we went to visit a new nursing mother who’s calf is getting a little confused about where the teats are. The calf is only a day or so old and is still wobbling along and is completely comfortable with our presence and enjoyed a scratch and a cuddle. We managed to get the mother into the stocks to hold her with the calf and then watched and directed just a little as the calf found the teats rather then just a flap of skin, the only problem now is that she seems to associated the stocks and us with the milk and still doesn’t seem to be going for the teats when her mum is out, at least she is now feeding though.
After these adventures we wandered into town for breakfast and a quick look at the Koanga gardens shop before heading home where I crashed into bed and have slept the rest of the morning and early afternoon away. Craig spent the afternoon weeding Dock and is now considering doing some work work.
We think we may have blown our airport hub (we did, and the spare phone charger). It’s supposed to be able to handle Australian and American power but isn’t perhaps able to withstand the fluctuation in the power. Wolf and Sabine’s computer seems to have a similar problem, we are unsure as to why this is as their solar power setup here is very good, there’s a regulator for the power among other bits and pieces so it should work. Unfortunately this might mean we have to head back to town on Monday so that Craig can work rather then us staying for the entire week as previously planned. The only up side to that is that I can apply some of my new found enthusiasm to Earthsong gardens and half an entire week to plan for my upcoming birthday party rather then just one day. Ohh, I must mention this yummy little bakery that has just opened in Kaiwaka called La Nonna’s Italian Bakery. They do yummy cinnamon donuts and what looks like a large range of real breads (not just one dough formed into a bunch of shapes). We shall have to pop back in there before we head home as their pies looked scrumptious.
Ok, off to see if there is anything I can do to earn my keep.

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