Garden plans

Yesterday we started weeding the area infront of the Common House Rotunda in preparation for marking out our garden plan. The idea is to follow the lines of the rotunda and divide the area into smaller raised garden beds about 40cm high.Rotunda Garden Rotunda Garden

We are dividing the garden into two main sections and I’ve put up wool to mark the border (red line on second photo) on the right and also the two sections divide. We are going away for about 2 weeks (to work on a self sufficient, 5 acre property in another more rurl eco-village called Otamatea). When we get back I hope to finish off the weeding in this area, move the swale plants that have been placed in this area temporarily and then mark out all the beds and paths with sawdust (bi-product from the workshed). Once we have the defined areas we can start to plant in them until such time as we can actually build the raised beds. This way we can get a real feel for the final look of the space, the workability of it and also actually use it rather then just saying “when we build this”.


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