Wet Finishing – Photos

I love the way the lambswool felted up after being wet washed and the softness of the material.

Cloak Sample

You can see here how closely the lambswool fibers felted, leaving no gaps from the weave.

Cloak Sample - close up

Here we are starting to see some of the puckering caused by the green worsted weight wool I used.

Cloak Sample

Cloak Sample - pucker this is why samples are a good idea, the green wool didn’t felt nearly as much as the taupe and caused the finished product to pucker. The green wool was a lot thinner and more brittle then the taupe. It was 100% merino worsted weight with a 110/2 count. The taupe was 100% lambswool with the same count. The two differences then are that one was lambswool and one merino, I don’t think this was the problem, I think it was that the green was worsted weight.


I don’t think wet finishing this shawl actually made any difference to it. The fibers didn’t seem to felt much at all and the cloth feels no different. But considering my cat had decided that the shawl was his it required a bit of a wash anyway.



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