Wet Finish

I have “finally” gotten around to wet finishing 3 of my weaving projects and they are currently drying out. I half filled the sink with warmish water and added some wool wash, then I hand agitated the fabric for a few minutes, rubbing the fabric to felt the wool fibers. This method is suited only to small amounts of fabric as it becomes heavy and difficult to manage and agitate effectively. I’ll be using a washing machine for the larger fabrics I weave.

Anyway, I’m really impressed with the way the cloak sample now looks. The fibers have felted together really nicely and I nolonger am looking at it thinking “ick, it looks like a heshan sack.” I’m now looking forward to starting this project again and using the rest of the wool I purchased just to make meters and meters of fabric. I just found this site and  I’m soinspired to finishing some cloth just so I can cut it up and make something else out of it.

This is one of Jack’s shirts, I believe the fiber is from his own sheep, he wove the fabric and then cut up and sewed together this shirt – this is a real piece of clothing, beautifuly hand made – this is what self-sufficiency is all about.


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