English Muffins

I cooked my first batch (ever) of English Muffins today, well actually I started them yesterday but our yeast appears to be pretty slow acting so I let them do a second rise over night and finished then off this morning.

English muffin

Delicious spread with butter and home made jams.

I adapted the recipe from “The Bread Book” by Linda Collister and Anthiony Blake.

450g unbleached white flour
7g easy -blend dry yeast
10g salt
1/2tsp sugar
230ml lukewarm water
140ml lukewarm milk
cornflour for dusting
cast iron frypan
large mixing bowl
Place flour in an oven set at 150C while you measure out the rest of the ingredients to warm up the flour.

Mix the dry ingredients, create a well in the center and add the milk & water. In mixing bowl knead the dough for 10 minutes until it is no longer sticky but still has elasticity and is smooth. Leave to rise for 30 minutes covered with a damp tea towel in a warm spot (I left it to rise for about 4 hours).

Dip hands into lukewarm water then turn out dough onto lightly floured surface and knead for 5 minutes. Cover the dough again and let rise for another 30 minutes (or overnight as I did).

Divide into 8 pieces and layout onto lightly floured (cornflour) tray, ensure you give them a little spreading room, sprinkle with more flour and lay a second tray on top of them and then place a damp tea towel on top and and leave to rise in a warm spot for 30 minutes (I ended up leaving them for a few more hours).

Finally, heat up a cast iron frying pan to a medium heat, place muffins in pan (you may need to do a few batches depending on how big your pan is, they don’t need too much room around each other). I flattened mine with a spatul, just a little on each side as they cooked. The will take around 10 minutes per side – don’t let them burn. They are cooked through when the sides spring back when touched.

English muffin


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