Herb Rack & Final bookshelf

No rackBefore

Herb rackAfter

And the last installment of the downstairs bookshelves:

bookshelf 2

As with our other wood working projects, these were all made from the ground up. We sourced the wood from the lumber mill, dressed the timber – which takes the longest part of the work (putting it through the thickniser and then several stages of sanding), The bookcase is screwed together and then we made our own macrocarpa plugs to cover the countersunk screws.

Everything is oiled with CD50. I found it was important not to apply too much oil as, of course, it doesn’t dry evenly, I like to oil with a brush and then remove the excess with a rag. It’s so nice to have so many of our books out and on shelves we made. There are still a huge number of books needing shelves but they will be in the bedroom and that requires a lot of planning. We’ll be holding off on some of these bigger woodworking projects for a while as there are loads of smaller things we’ve put off to complete these big ones. I have a stand for my heddle loom to make and Craig needs to finish his router table, still need to hang our pictures on the wall and hooks to hang my loom and I wanted to make a few more shuttles and then there are the garden projects I want time for and I think I’ll stop there…


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