Going potty

This afternoon I potted up a bunch of new seeds, all colour coded pots, because I could 😉

In the red pots we have coriander seed

In the green pots we have courgettes

In the black pots we have early gem corn
and lastely, in the white we have a rainbow mix of capsicums.

Seeds 1Seeds 2

It will be interesting to see the difference between the commercial capsicum seed (in the big seed tray with the cucumber seeds) and the organic one when they grow. Do they bleach commercial seeds ? The commercial ones looked a lot whiter then the organic ones.

I also transplanted my lavender into more nutritious soil. They had been in seed raising mix for a long time and I figured they’d had enough breakfast and now it was time for lunch. I don’t think that I want to plant them out into a garden, I think I will leave these in pots (there are two, when they get bigger I’ll split them – or maybe I’ll do that today… anyway). I like the idea of having some lavender growing on the balcony just for us.


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