Cloak – Part 2

Cloak – Part 1 here

I have finished warping up the loom, in total it took me around 9 hours to warp the entire thing and then about half an hour to wind on the weft thread to the shuttle. I had to wind a second “cone” of wool so that I could wind the weft thread double onto the shuttle which was just tedious. Some pictures:

I started to weave in some weft threads to get things started, these will be cut off when I finish.

I’m finding this wool is not a pleasure to work with in my rigid heddle loom, it has a tendency to catch on the reed.

Something I noticed when doing the shawl and now again with this cloak is that it’s hard to keep the tension nice and taught at the back of the loom. I have to readjust the back break between every weft.

No time to do anymore today as I’m off to the common house kitchen to start cooking a stir fry for 50 odd people.

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