My wool finally arrived yesterday and last night I began to warp up a cloak. I’m using the 100% Merino worsted and the 100% lambswool in taupe. The lambswool has a count of 110/2 Woollen Spun and the merino has a count is 110/2 it is apparently used in army woolens for the NZ and Oz forces, all I know is so far it’s been a bitch of use. It is very sensitive and has a tendency to snap if pulled even a little too tightly and also seems to have been wound onto the cone not as one piece (probably because of the breaking). I’m determined to continue with it as it looks lovely next to the taupe but I am bracing myself for the possibility of it not being up to the challenge of weaving.

It has taken me 7 hours or so to warp up the first 198 taupe and 3 green, I’ve still got another 80 taupe followed by 12 green and then 6 taupe. The whole piece, thankfully, will have a weft of taupe.

warp NOTE: DO NOT WARP YOUR LOOM LIKE THIS! (it resulted in first warp threads being shorter then the last threads, which is logical when you think about it but didn’t occur to me until AFTER I went to wind on the warp).

Oh, and that’s just half the cloak, I have to redo the process again for the other half *groan*

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