Baby’s first cardigan

Now there is no telling if this will ever be my own baby’s first cardigan or if it will be a gift, but this is the first item of clothing (aside from a hat or scarf) that I have made. It still needs to be pressed and sewn together but it’s just so sweet.

Baby’s first cardigan

I have decided not to decorate it as yet because I want it to be suitable for a boy or a girl (and I’m still not quite up in my development to put “pretty flowers” on boys clothes). It took me two days to complete the crochet and I believe if I had an iron handy I would have also completed the sewing. This is also the first project that I have tested my gauge for and I’m very glad I did, just for that added boost of confidence it gave me while I worked. It is also the first time that I tried “shaping”, increasing and decreasing. I think I’ve managed pretty well.

Hook size: 3mm

Yarn: 4 balls x 50 grams, 100% pure NZ Merino 10ply

Stitches: Double Crochet

Project cost: under $30

Time: 2 days

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