Completed Shawl

And here is the completed shawl I have woven for my sister’s birthday. I should have made it wider then it is but it will still be a lovely spring/cool summer day shawl for over a light dress. It took me two days to warp the loom and weave this shawl (maybe a day and half of actually sitting down doing it).


When I warped the loom, I altered the yarn so that rather then say two pink together I put both pinks through the little holes in the reed (the left as usual but also the right) and then instead of putting the next white through the little hole I moved it into the pink yarns former spot – if that makes sense. I did this also with the multi-coloured yarn so that there was never two of the pink or multi next to each other. Other then that I just randomly warped the loom with out rhyme or reason.


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