The Table Runner

Table Runner And here is a photo of a section of the new table runner. For a first real project (and only my 3rd woven item all up) it’s not too bad. A few errors in the weave, a little bit of a wave along one edge – tensions issues basically. I had thought it was alot more then twice the length of the original scarf pattern I altered for it (doubled the width by flipping the pattern and repeating it). I completed the original weft pattern then added another 47-54-47 rows of the two second/third last part of the pattern before repeating the pattern in reverse, I ended up being 88 rows too short to complete the design. I could have pulled it all out and tried again but decided against it this time.

Out of this experiment I have learnt that I need to work on how to translate length of warp into actual rows of pattern.

I have now started to warp up a shawl I’m making for my sisters birthday.Shawl


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