Drop Spindle Spinning

Drop Spindles & WoolI’ve found what looks to be a great resource for learning to use drop spindles: The Joy of Handspinning

My parcel of goodies arrived yesterday, and as I did manage to finish my table runner (more later) I let myself open it to find my two new reeds and a 1kg bag of cleaned and carded wool. My preference is to clean and card my own wool as well as spinning and weaving it but we do what we must for now. The wool is from Ashford and is very nice, I’m pleased with it at the NZ$18 per kilo I paid for it. It will also be great for a few of the weaving projects I’m keen to do.

20 minutes late: I’m trying to take heart from “Kathryn of the Hills” when she says:

“…and the spindle falls, don’t be discouraged. Just pick it up and try again. Many people will tell you that it is called a drop spindle because it just dropped. Take your time and practice, you will get it with time. It only looks easy after you have learned how. It just takes a few minuets to learn how to spin; it takes a lifetime to perfect the skill.”

Drop Spindle


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