A few things I’ve learnt

  • It is VERY hard to find beginner information about weaving on the web!
  • When weaving you don’t want to pull your thread to tightly as it will pull the side of your work in tightly, but, you don’t want it too loose as it is saggy, you need to find the right tension to get a smooth line along the edge of your work and learn to keep it even and straight all the way along the work.
  • To get the right tension for your work, get someone to help wind on the warp by holding the tied end till it just touches the front of the loom
  • Use soft paper at the back end of the loom as you roll on the warp as it keeps the fiber’s separated and stops them from knotting together.
  • 7.5 dpi reed this is a 7.5 dpi reed. DPI stands for “dents per inch”
  • EPI stands for “ends per inch”
  • A”dent” is a space in the reed
  • A nice easy glossary can be found here, or there is a link to the right of another glossary.
  • A 12.5 reed willweave a finer weight yarn then the 7.5 reed.

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