Table Runner

I have started on my new table runners. I have chosen to use the same wool and pattern as the scarf I made and have warped up the loom as per the pattern, then flipped the pattern to make it twice as wide. I like the colours and also I wanted to use up all the wool. I’m not sure how long it will come out, and I forgot to measure the warp as I did it.

I’m kinda going to have to hope it all comes out all right in the end. Because I didn’t measure it’s length I’m not sure really what to do with the pattern as I weave, I can’t just flip and repeat as the length isn’t doubled as with the width…

I don’t particularly like the way the edges look when I change colours and I don’t feel happy about doing two rows plum – cut thread, two rows sea blue – cut thread and repeat with the view to sewing the threads in later or something. Perhaps I need to pull the wool a little tighter at the edges?

I’ve found this project to be a little less tight then the scarf, I think because I had noone holding the end of the warp as I wound it on so the tension wasn’t as tight as I would have liked, also I ran out of paper to put between the threads as as I wound on so I used some calico instead – this might not hold the tension well. Table Runner

Table Runner


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