My latest acquisition is an 80cm (32″) Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom. I’m very excited about this new toy and I’m torn between my crochet blanket and weaving everything in my book. Aside from my inkle loom (which I’ve only completed one project on) I haven’t really woven outside of primary school. I’m full of enthusiasm and inspiration for this new toy and I think it is perhaps my favorite fiber craft yet.

My first project, the scarf, came out quite well, except, I didn’t get to quite finish the pattern as I ran out of warp thread, I think I tied off too much at the end and maybe should have beaten a little tighter then I did, aside from that I learned that I needed to pull the thread a little tighter at the edges when I am switching colours so that it doesn’t bulge loosely at the sides. scarf


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