This month we have been harvesting sprouting broccoli (main heads and offshoots), some of the peas, although they have black spots on them and haven’t done too well in their current position – may too wet and not sunny enough?? Also the corn started to do well, developing heads but I think the area was too exposed, windy and the ground too cold. The corn should have been composted and had straw to keep in the soil heat.
We have also been harvesting beetroot since last month and spring onions. All the Basil died off a few weeks ago (pots sooner then planted ones). The potatoes have all died back without flowering and the one lot we dug up were small. I haven’t dug up the balcony ones yet.
Also still harvesting celery in the balcony garden, plus garlic chives, parsley, the thyme is still quite small. There’s a nice looking cabbage in the garden ready to pick, the broad beans are all flowering but no beans so far.


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