Planting and seed saving

Seeds/Seedlings planted in Joel and Judy’s garden (bad soil with a little organic potting mix)
Carrots        Yellow Austrian                    .5 Packet
Beetroot        Bulls Blood                        6 Plants
Cabbage        Palm Cabbage                        6 Plants
Broccoli        Sprouting Broccoli                    6 Plants
Spring Onion                                    7 Plants

I harvested two types of lettuce seeds from the garden today. Taking the fluffy topped heads and the yellow flowered heads. I removed the flower body, revealing the little seeds (black seeds in one variety and white seeds in the other). I scattered these into separate seedling trays with organic seed raising mix.

I have also cut about a foot off one lettuce, this had many flowers coming up, some almost coming up to flower and a few fluffy heads. The theory is that if I hang it upside down there is still food in the stem to bring the remainder of the flowers to seed. I’ll collect these seeds and bottle them up for later this year.


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