Originally uploaded by Tracey & Craig Ambrose.

We went to visit Sherwood Forest in the Dandenongs yesterday and I snapped this quick shot of Craig and then had a little fiddle with it in Photoshop CS ™


2 responses

  1. That’s a lovely shot of Craig. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos of yours and it makes me want to share my photos with you, but don’t hold your breath for me getting off my arse and actually managing that. More love in this blog too 😉

  2. Hey Trace,
    Very cool photo – did you smugde the background? great to hear about your place at earthsong too. Hey this weekend is the Wattle Festival at Hursty if you are interested, you can come and visit us…catch ya, lisa
    p.s. did you see the article about “second life” in the age the other weekend?

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