So why is it things have to go sour?

Things were going so well, you will note the excitement and happyness in my last post and now the frustration and saddness!

Remember how I said “our settlement WILL got through on Friday” well it’s Friday, its 30mins after settlement was due to happen and it ain’t happanin, in fact the whole entire sale might go compleatly bust and its all crap! 😦

Why you ask? Well the purchasers have tried to wriggle out of the deal in regards to payment of a cuncil road scheme, because it wasn’t put in the contract, it was just a verbal understanding between all parties, they have been listening to a stupid lawyer wo has said something like “hay you know you don’t actually have to pay this, verbal deal or not” and so they have decdided now that they are not going to honour the verbal deal and are trying to make us pay for the $10k+ and its NOT RIGHT! they agreed, we set the price on that agreement and now its going to cost us a fucking fortune because we either have to pay the money or take them to court and end up paying more! We were nice to them, we bloody well gave them the time they needed to get their finances in order, we could have sold the house a dozen times over in the last month but we believed everyone was happy and all was good, we were all dealing wit each other in a nice happy way and then sddenly they do this! Everyone is telling me it’s ok, don’t worry about, I’m sure things will work out just fine, see we got them to admit they are pulling a dodgy, but did anyone get it in writting again? NO and so we are screwed and maybe things will work out – fine, great, grand but what if it doesn’t? I want to sell my bloody house! I don’t want to go through all of this again, I want it over and done with, I want to be settled and done.

But that’s not all folks – our brocker in NZ is crap and only sent us the happy page 1 of a fax from the mortgage lenders, he forgot somehow to include page 2 that listed 12 conditions that had to be met before the loan will be okayed, many of which they should have had from him already but when I contact them, I discovered they had basicaly nothing, our brocker pissed off on holidas for a week (which I discovered after ringing his mobile and being told NOT to leave a message). So I ran around collecting documents again, signing documents I had never even seen before and getting really cross with incompitant people who are supposed to be there to make my life easier! grrr (can you tell I’m not a happy girl today?)

Well I shall go before I say something I’ll regret! 😦


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  1. Oh Hon that is all just crap. Crap crap crap. But it’s still always better to be nice and it will work out somehow in the end although that doesn’t make it any less crap now. I too am often amazed and appalled at the incompetence of so-called professionals. I sent you an email, but possibly to the wrong address, looking for a phone number for you so I can call and chat and try to organise to catch up. my account is myfirstnamemylastname at, so drop me a line and I’ll commiserate in person sometime soon. Hugs and positive thoughts.


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