Quick update

Craig and I had fun on Saturday, we went down to the park armed with red wool, a tap measure, tent pegs and house plans and created a scale version of our apartment (sorry I forgot to take the camera so no pics). It was a really fun experiement and really helped to give us a true idea of the size of our apartment which was fantastic. We now have a better idea of how much space we really have to play with, some further realisitc storage ideas and wonderful 3D visuals of how to play with the spaces – so again our excitment is mounting and Decemeber seems a lifetime away (but it’s May now so I can start saying it’s only 7 months away!)

There has been a short delay with true finality (not including settlement) on our Hurstbridge house, the people have had to delay things until the 5th as they haven’t recieved unconditional approval for their loan yet. Which really sucks for us because if they pull out now then we get didly! *grrr*

We had our forms all ready to send off to Earthsong and then realised that they had to be witnessed by a JP – oops, we were going to do it yesterday but forgot and now Craig is in Perth for the week (stupid work) so it will have to be delayed until next week *sigh* oh well if we get delayed any further we will be able to pay the full 20% in one go (providing our house settles on the 19th May as planed).

We have all the necessary paperwork to hand over to our NZ broker, why he couldn’t give us the paperwork to fill in and arrange at the start is beyond me, would have made the entire thing go much faster but instead the banks have looked at Earthsong, while we twiddled our thumbs, they like it, now the broker sends us the paper work (not specific to one bank their own companies standard forms for all the banks use) and so while we gather the required info the banks twiddle their thumbs *sigh*

What other news??? I’ve taken a casual job at Pumpkin Patch, probably not the smartest thing to do as it is taxing my energy more then I thought it would but I needed something to do that was useful, and I’m enjoying it so far.

Ok this is getting far to grumpy a post for my liking – you’ll have to forgive me but Craig left at 6am and it’s now 7.30am and he’s gone most likely for the week and I’m sad 😦


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  1. Honey, I’m stuck in New Zealand for two months without my man who is stuck in the Netherlands working and I’m in tantalising proximity to Melbourne, but not enough time or money to visit every weekend. I so understand how it sucks for the love of your life to bugger off (although I did the buggering this time) – work has a lot to answer for.

    much love


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