Take a deep breath and relax

sooooooooooooooo, over the last couple of months we have been busily doing a great many things, experienced a huge amount of emotional rollercoastering, stressed, jumped for joy and generally been run off our feet. Now we get to relax a little, why?

1. Rowany Festival is now over!
We now have our very own “on my way to festival” story, ours involves blowing a head gasket, a dear friend driving for 5 hours just to pick us up (from Yass to Holbrook and back again). Our car is still in Holbrook and will be undergoing repairs and will stay there until my dad gets around to picking it up – I am now officially and completely over the idea of owning my own car!
But… Festival was great fun, I didn’t have time to do half the things I wanted to do but that’s a good thing, I slept a lot, and Craig shot people a lot, so much fun was had by all 🙂
Craig received his Award of Arms (AOA) so he is now officially ‘Not Lord Emlyn ap Rhyss’ (very funny in-joke that I will not bother to explain). All the pics I took from the event are on my flickr site (see link into title)

2. We have sold our house!
A got a call from the realestate agent on Good Friday with confirmation of an offer, we signed all the paper work yesterday, the deposit will be paid on this coming Monday and settle on 17th May. It is contingent on a building inspection to be done today – only way it will fall through is if the house is structurally unsound or it has termites, and as far as we know non of this is the case, thus we have sold our house 🙂

Now all we need is the NZ banks to move faster, approve our loan so that we can complete our transactions, Craig can start working for himself and we can sit back and relax a little.

Other very cool thing for us at the moment is that while we have been waiting for our investment money to get transferred into our account so we can pay Earthsong our deposit (honestly, in this day and age of computer transactions why does it take them weeks to transfer the money!) but I was say…. good thing is that the NZ dollar is weakening which has cut another $10k off our mortgage – not good for New Zealand but good for us right now, keep dropping you’ll recover later 🙂

So for the most part things are really moving at the moment. I have my usual stress attacks – like will I have enough space in my new kitchen, are we going to have enough space in general, how am I going to deal with the total lack of space I have here with my inlaws (who are amazing and wonderful people and I only get stressed and upset when I’m grumpy with Craig and the world and want to be on my own but can’t because we only have 1 room).

Our original plan was to live here for only about 3 or 4 (at the most) months while we finalised bank loan stuff and Craig got set up, then we were going to fly off into the sunset and set up a temporary home in an Earthsong rental, but now, we are set to be here until our apartment is completed in December. Reasoning being that Carol and Ian are going for a holiday to the Greek Isles in September and thus we are looking after their house and Craig’s brother and so there is no point in moving into a rental (that may or may not be available then) for only 3 months *sigh, stress, cry, moan, grumble, stress some more, cry some more, sigh again and try to deal*

And that is about all I have for you all right now


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