Ohh so exciting

Not only is it official that our house is on the market, but we already have some very keen buyers interested. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite quick enough and hadn’t arranged the section 32 just yet so there will now be a short delay.

I really hadn’t expected things to be happening so fast – we spoke with the agent on Saturday, it went onto the websites on Monday and the paper yesterday (Wednesday), we had only just popped over late last night to do some final cleaning and put some things that we had just dumped in the lounge away, the wardrobe door had only be reinstalled yesterday – and I simply had not realised anyone would have been through the yet!

I don’t think anyone has actually put in an offer, the are waiting to see the section 32 first, but if there are interested buyers then that’s really good news for us (bidding war anyone??).

I’d like to not have to think about any of this realy until after Easter, but it would be a great buzz non-the-less if we could go away for Easter knowing that we had a buyer 🙂

The funds from our investment have transferred out and we are just waiting for them to clear in our access account, then we can arrange the initial deposit to Earthsong and send back all the forms to fully and compleatly secure our new home.

We have had some positive mumblings from our new brocker so here’s hopeing we have more success with the banks then we did with Prometheus – oh and apparently the NZ$ has fallen again making the AU$ stronger which is great news for us right now.

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