Loan application dramas

Unfortunately Prometheus, the ethical investment company recommended to us, have declined our application, simply because they have had an influx of applications from Earthsong purchasers and believe that they are over committing themselves to the project especially since the interests rates in NZ are set to come down – which is great for us.

We have made contact with a broker in Auckland who seems very keen and believes he will have no problem getting us the funding we would like. We contacted him on Friday afternoon, emailed him some further info and he will be getting back to us either today or Monday to let us know what he had found out and so forth. I have confidence in this guy and believe that we will actually get a better deal and a better interest rate doing things through the banks rather then using Prometheus.

Earthsong have sent us our legal/financial contract type stuff, it will hopefully arrive in the next few days so things have really heated up here. A property has become available for rent but unfortunately it is much too soon for us to take advantage of at the moment, a pity but ahh well these things happen. There may also be a short delay in the completion of our apartment, my parents have now built three houses and none of them ran right to schedule so I had been expecting some delays – isn’t life much more pleasant when you expect these things 🙂


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