There was movement in the station

So things seem to actually be happening!

Craig and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday. We had originally planned on going out to the Dandenongs to have dinner at the restaurant we had dinner on our wedding night, it all sounded very romantic, but then after a little discussion we decided that all we really wanted to do was get stuck into packing. So I cooked us a yummy redwine casserole, he gave me a bunch of roses *grin* and we had a lovely night teasing each other, sorting through our life and putting it into boxes.

So what is happening, why the packing?
The shipping company that will be sending our things to Auckland is going to store all of our stuff between now and that faithful day. They will arrive on Saturday to collect our well packed life and taking it away for up to 9 months (hopefully less then that). In the mean time we will be moving in with Craig’s mum in Balwyn.

Yes, yes, we did originally say that we would move back into Hurstbridge but when you have downsized to a 2 bedroom 1 study apartment and then downsized again ready for a studio apartment in another country, you kind of end up with very little stuff, and serioulsy little when it comes to trying to furnish a 3 bedroom house. So we have decided that our life would be much easier if we stored our stuff and just took the basics that we need to Balwyn. This way our Hurstbridge house can be painted and look fresh and clean for prospective buyers.

The only problem with this plan is there is lots to do, I’m still not quite as fit and healthy as I like to pretend (and aside from finding packing to be very daunting on my own), and I simply get overwhelmed with the actual physical stuff. But on the plus side, I have organised all the power, telephone, internet, water, mail redirection etc etc etc that all needs to be done (and burned mp3’s of a bunch of music, just in case the shipping container sinks), so things are getting done, you just can’t see them like you can piles of boxes 🙂


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