Earthsong Appartment Pics

Yay, very exciting stuff, here are some pics, taken by our wonderful Earthsong neighbour Lippy, of the last stage of Earthsong buildings.

We have decided that we would like appartment 28, an upstairs studio appartment, the walls for the top story appartments haven’t been put up yet so hopefully when they do Lippy may send us some more pics.

In other news, we have decided that on Saturday (that’s this Saturday the 25th of March) we will be moving all of our non essential items (tv, dvd, desks, bed, kitchenware etc etc) into storage and taking the rest with us to Craig’s mum’s house where we will live for the next ‘x’ number of months (at the longest about 9 months) – this is very exciting because it is a definate move towards Earthsong for us, a big shinning billboard saying this is it – your moving!

It’s funny that the last big thing Craig and I did was take a 3 month trip up the NE coast of Australia, then come home and moved in with his parents before buying our house in Hurstbridge, now we are doing something very similar.


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