Things are coming together

It looks like a few things are starting to fall into place.

This morning I listed our old bookcases and some books on Freecycle and the bookcases have walked out the door already and the books will be collected on Friday morning – Yay!

Our tenant has called me today to tell me that she will be paying the next 3 weeks worth of rent upfront but will be moving out before then. She is also washing all of the walls and ceilings for me which is great.

My friend Vanessa has offered to help me paint the house, which now means we can go there before Craig and I need to move in, get the painting done and then move in all our crap – I mean beautiful belongings 🙂

And… Prometheus (the loan company) has let us know that they have recieved our application and are currently reviewing it, so hopefully we will here back from them very soon.

Ahhh, I can’t wait! There is so much to do before we leave, I just hope there is enough regular stuff to do to keep me occupied between now and then!


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