Some details to think about budget wise

Earthsong have left 2 upstairs studios with loft at $320,000.00 (one of these is ours), they have a north facing balcony – no garden. However, there is provision for them to have a bit of the downstairs gardens, there is a strip at least 1 meter wide around all the downstairs apartments that is Common Land, and it is usual that the upstairs folk get to use this.

I would prefer the down stairs studio appartment if we could get it, unfortunalty it is already reserved for another lucky person.

There are also two, two bedroom apartments both $476,000.00 (too expensive for us). The downstairs one has a study as well as the 2 bedrooms and a small garden in front and back. The upstairs studio is two bedrooms with a large mezzanine loft, that could possibly be converted into bedrooms, by putting in a more substantial staircase and enclosing the loft.

These apartments butt up to a large piece of Common Land on the North, so the front garden “feels” a lot bigger.

Body Corp levies =$20 a week, this covers insurance for the
building, Common House costs, and anything we chose to spend it on i.e. facilitators for community workshops, landscaping etc.

Local Council rates =$20 per week.

Ulility costs (combined) = $30-$40 per week all year round. Summer being around $20 winter maybe up to $50.


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