Earthsong Updates

Well I have been busy sorting out our current apartment. I thought when we moved from our 3 bedroom house in Hurstbridge, to our 2.5 bedroom apartment (and no storage space etc) in Thornbury, we had given away or thrown out everything that we didn’t want or could live without, I really thought there was nothing left that I could possibly stand not having any more – this is not the case. I have so far compacted my kitchen down by a full corner cupboard, you really don’t understand how much “plastic” I can accumulate for storage.

Basically I went through every single item and said to myself “Tracey, have you used this since you moved last time” and if the answer was “No” or” “Only once or twice with out much success” (or something along those lines), it got tossed, but, I had to constantly reasure myself with the “it’s ok Tracey, if you discover you need one again I’m sure they sell them in New Zealand, or maybe you can borrow one from a neighbour in the most amazing community in earth” worked wonders.

My next step was to go through the books that we still had in boxes (we have lived in Thornbury for 1 year now and these had not left their original storage), I managed to find 1 teachest (technical packing box term) and one book box (technical term for a smallish box that isn’t too heavy when filled with books), and I have only just started on this task, there are still 2 complete bookshelves to look through *gulp* (I don’t see many actually going any where really – not my babies!)

The other thing I have culled is the video collection, I have catelogued our entire collection, noted those that will be or have been replaced with DVD’s and saved the file in a secure place (if you want to get me a gift, I have a huge list *grin*). Basically it has been decided that our ENTIRE video collection is going to new homes (let me know if you want to see the list and pick out a few gems for yourself).

Yes it’s true, all the videos from my Shirley Temple collection to Craig’s compleate set of Babylon 5, all to be replaced at some future time with DVD’s (a saw a great collection of Audrey Hepburn movies at Borders the other day *giggles*) Basically, all movies that can’t be housed with friends and family will either go to the library or to the Children’s hospital (or soemthing like that).

I’m really racking my brains to work out how we are going to manage moving from a 2.5br to a studio appartment!


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