Last days on the South Island

Craig and spent 3 more days on the South Island. From Christchurch we went to Kaikoura for 2 nights. Here we went Kayaking with the seals (pictures haven’t been developed for this just yet as we had to purchase a waterproof disposable). This was great fun, I was really picking up health wise by this time and managed to actually help row most of the tour. We had no real plans for Kaikoura which was great as we ended up wandering around at random. We visited an artists studio, took lots of photos, having lunch by the side of the road (which just happened to be whitebaite, muscles and scalops all fresh from the sea that morning and cooked right there infront of us – magic). We also found an old (renovated) convent where we stoped for second lunch and I took wandered around the gardens taking more happy snaps. There was the cutetest little bird that really wanted it’s photo taken, because as soon as I stoped, he flew of his branch, flew around me and then back to his branch until I picked my camera up again.

The next day we headed off to Picton and the boat ride across the the North Island.


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